The importance of a good narrative in your business

We are people and we love stories. But, when we talk about narrative in business, what we really mean?

Narrative is the story of you and your company that lets your market instantly:

– connect,
– relate,
– like, and
– trust you.

A story shows people that you’re not just “another” business… You’re “THE” business

They instantly understand why you’re different. And why you’re better.

You will attract people with the same common sense of value. People that believe in what you believe.

The key is to be transparent and to have values.

Here there are two examples of successful narratives:


Airbnb has a two-sided story depending on if you’re a host or a guest.

Guest: the story is that you hate hotels, how cold and sterile, unfriendly, and impersonal they are, and how they make you feel like a “tourist”, not a “traveler.” Plus, they are expensive.

Now you can live like a local and stay with one too with cozy, home-like accommodations that are way cheaper.

Host: the story is that so many people around the world have a spare room or couch in their house. And so many people could use some extra cash. So AirBnB created a way that makes your house feel a bit fuller, and puts some cash in your pocket


Very similar concept to AirBnb, only swap out taxis for hotel accommodations. Also, add a bit to the story of how taxis can be hard to find, so why not a taxi that can find you? (This is possible with the GPS functionality of their app.)

Narratives are powerful because we’re a story-telling species. Doesn’t it make sense to inject that into your marketing, too?