Our brains aren’t digital

People have long predicted the death of business cards, or the death of print as we increasingly use online and mobile services – but they’re wrong.

Business cards, gift cards, and loyalty cards – the industry continues to show growth. The reason is simple – our brains aren’t digital.

We like to pick things up and put them somewhere so we can remember them for later.  We don’t remember the URL of a product page on an e-commerce site, but we do remember that t-shirt we saw and liked when we went down the street for lunch.  We’re tactile creatures, and you can’t change how we’re wired.

Could ‘Internet of Things’ be the future of paper?





It is possible! We don’t know it yet, but it would be exciting to explore the physical-to-digital space and create new product categories. Fascinating new ways to use paper are currently being developed in the laboratories. Surprising applications are just around the corner!


SOURCE: MOO (Kai Turner)