Branding a Food Business: What You Need To Know

Starting up your own food brand can be a tough task. Be it a restaurant, blog, pop-up stall or whatever else you come up with, the market’s already very competitive.

One of the most important things to do is getting your photography in order:

It’s not just focusing on a meal, it’s almost like lifestyle photography. Invest in somebody who can extract the essence of your business through the lens. Make your brand warm, welcoming and engaging. People want to get involved with these brands because they feel like it’s a lifestyle to buy into… that must come through in the imagery.

Don’t simply view your food or drink as objects; consider what will be going on when your customers see it, where it will be and what competition will be around. Think about the wider picture, not just what you’re selling.

Lifestyle food

Identity isn’t just about a logo, it’s the experience as a whole. The theme of the restaurant, for example, or the vibe that you’re trying to create… people are parting with their cash for this stuff. It’s about everything that surrounds whatever you’re selling, the entire brand aesthetic. Continuity across both design and experience is key.

Keep in mind where your product is going to be stocked and who’s going to read it. if they’re in a supermarket, you’ve got to consider that you’ll be sat amongst other brands. One of the best things you can do is to know your competitors, so you can see how your brand needs to differ from the existing ones.

Consider how you can make people talk about your brand after they’ve finished the experience too. Maybe you can give them something that they can take home with them.

Setting yourself apart from the big brands is something that’s integral if you want to make waves in the food industry. Make sure to really get stuck in, researchingthe market you’re going into. Being authentic makes it so much more personal – that’s the key way to differentiate you from the big box brands. Food brands need to provide experiences that are novel, engaging and honest.